Asha Nivas envisages a fully developed and integrated society wherein today's women in difficult circumstances and children in distress would live with human rights and dignity.


In order to realise the vision, Asha Nivas endeavours to:

  • Organise community development as a process of enabling people for sustainable development.
  • Educate children in difficult circumstances through pre-schools, non-formal education, continuing education, vocational and skill training.
  • Empower women through formation of self-help groups and women's rights education.
  • Form and organize youth groups through leadership training with a view towards the development and sustainability of the community.
  • Promote community health especially in the areas of drug abuse and HIV-AIDS to ensure health care and quality of life for everyone.
  • Paradigm shift towards an integrated and holistic approach to development.
  • Empowering approach of promoting self-help and mutual help systems in the community for sustainable development.

Value based development with a passion for quality and excellence

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