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Rev. Dr. Kurian Thomas

A Human right Activist

Rev. Dr. Kurian Thomas is a Human Right Activist, who stands for the rights of children in distress and women in difficult circumstances. He is the founder president and the director of the Non Government Organization, Asha Nivas Social Service Centre, a House of Hope. It was initiated in 1976 with a deep concern for the marginalized and exploited sections of the society living in Chennai City Slums. He upholds human dignity and social values in his commitment to the poor with an integrated and holistic approach. He is in service since the year 1976 with unflagging energy and unwavering commitment to transform the lives of the vulnerable. Through his relentless service he had initiated the empowering, philosophy of promoting Self-Help and Mutual help for a sustainable development with a passion for quality and excellence.

Integrating Academic, civic, life-experiences and his energies together, he networks with various government agencies and other allied Government Welfare Sectors. In the NGO sector, he had guided many NGO’s towards finding lasting solutions in the fields of community organization and community development. Through these effective networks of Government Organizations and Non Government Organizations, he has advocated policies to reach out the most downtrodden. In order to ensure the continuity and sustainability of all the development programmes, he has founded Nava Jeevan Vikas Secular Institute for Women in 1992. the members of the institute carry over the mandate of the Founder in the dioceses of Madras Mylapore, Chenglepet, Trivandrum and Bangalore. He has carried out research works and has published books on various topics revolving around social sectors. In spite of his irrevocable commitment to the cause of the poor, he still has time to guide, train, and encourage students both in India and Abroad in the filed of Development Education and Research to take on the Poverty Stricken World.The years of evolution has witnessed the expansion of his services to nearly 400 slums in Chennai city. People call him a “Loving father”, who cares them with deep concern to do any thing at any time, any place and to anybody in distress. He is a man on a mission to make the world and equal, just and loving place to live in and labours to break the shackles of the poverty that binds many families.Knowing perfectly well, that the battle of development is not won yet, he has made all his efforts to sustain the poor for years to come, and ensured his ventures self sustained, and is marching ahead to make them totally Self-sustainable.

ADDRESS   Office – Cum – Residence: Asha Nivas Social Service Centre
N0: 9, Rutland Gate, 5th Street, Chennai – 600 006 (South India)




  • A Doctorate in Social Sciences from the University of East Georgica (USA)
  • A Master’s Degree in Social Work with specialization in Community Organisation, Community Development and Social Work Administration from Madras University
  • A.Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Madras University


  English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Latin and French


  • The Founder, President & Honorary Director of “Asha Nivas Social Service Centre”
  • The Founder, Trsutee & Honorary Director of “Les Ateliers Au Fils D’Indra”
  • The Founder, Trustee & Honorary Director of “The Year of the Child Development Trust”
  • President, “Concern”
  • Founder of Nava Jeevan Vikas Secular Institute
  • The Chairman, Gremaltes Hospital
  • The Regional Secretary of Tamilnadu Bishops Council Commission for Labour 1978 – 1984.
  • The Founder and President of Madras Institute of Labour Consultancy.
  • Chairman of Gabriel Rehabilitation Centre for 1979 and 1980.
  • Project Advisor to the Governor of Lions International for the year 1983 – 1984.
  • Attended several International Conference in Colombo,
  • Brussels, Geneva, Paris, Bangkok, Singapore and Berlin.
  • Member of the Asian Child Workers Forum
  • Member of the Asia Development Centres.
  • Chairman – Advisory Board & Governing Board of Rajiv Gandhi Engineering college, Chennai


  • The Self Employment potentials in Madras City Slums
  • The Socio-Economic conditions of Rickshaw pullers in Madras
  • A Guide on available assistance in India for projects
  • They need you
  • Workshop on People’s development through Credit Union
  • A study on the Hotel Child Workers’ at Madras
  • A study on the Sundal Vendors at Chennai
  • Child Labour in Madras – A Study (1985)
  • A study on the Education, Training and Rehabilitation of Child
  • Labour Development project – I (1995)
  • A study on the Education, Training and Rehabilitation of Child
  • Labour Development project – II (1998)
  • A study on the Non-Governmental Organizations interventions on Child Labour (1995)