Youth Development

An Old Chinese proverb says “If you wish to plan for a year, sow seeds; if you wish to plan for ten years, plant trees; If you wish to plan for a life-time, ‘develop Youth’. Youth programmes of Asha Nivas highlight the role of youth in serving nation by becoming potential resources of natural integration, spreading peace, harmony and tolerance. They build communities and bridge various groups towards integrated growth of the nation. Asha Nivas wins them over and develops as well as taps their potential through Strategic Programmes.

  • To provide Vocational training and employment oriented programmes
  • To enable and empower the youth to solve their own socio-economic problems
  • To promote savings
  • To mobilize volunteers
  • Youth Associations
  • Youth Camps
  • Youth Volunteers Meetings
  • Youth Self Help Groups
  • Job Placement Cell
  • Recreational Facilities

No. of Self – Help Groups


No. of Volunteers


Total Savings

Rs. 6,00,000

Credit – Linkages

Rs. 70,10,000

Revolving Fund

Rs. 7,20,000

Youth entrepreneurs

52 Groups / 780 Individual